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Jets Coaching Candidate of the Day: John Harbaugh

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Carolina Panthers Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

With Todd Bowles likely on the way out at the end of the season, we are going to take a look at some of the potential candidates to replace him. Whenever we do something like this, there are some typical criticisms that always pop up like, “Why profile this guy? He stinks!” and “He won’t be interested.” We aren’t just profiling the good candidates or suggesting these people are all likely to take the job. We are simply looking at people the Jets could reasonably expected to call.

Today’s candidate: John Harbaugh

Category: Big Fish

Current Job: Baltimore Ravens Head Coach

Years of NFL Coaching Experience: 21

Head Coaching Experience: Baltimore Ravens (2008-present)

Ties to Jets: None Known


  • Experienced head coach.
  • Successful tenure with a 99-71 record and a Super Bowl win.
  • While it’s tough to judge these things without physically being in there on a daily basis, most of the known evidence suggests he is very good at managing a locker room and leading a team.
  • In spite of some glaring personnel issues, the Ravens haven’t bottomed out in recent years.
  • His teams have typically played the Patriots tough through the years.
  • Baltimore’s media isn’t as tough as New York, but he has been considered good at dealing with the press.


  • The recent personnel issues were noted above, but it must be mentioned that the second half of Harbaugh’s tenure has been much less successful than the first half.
  • Has a reputation for making poor in-game decisions.
  • Spotty record with offensive coordinator hires.

The Bottom Line:

Harbaugh’s availability will obviously depend on whether he and the Ravens part ways at the end of the season. Some reports indicate this is likely. If it happens, he will instantly become one of the most sought after coaches in the NFL. His hiring will be met with overwhelming approval from any fanbase. I think that would all be justified. Harbaugh has earned his excellent reputation.

I can’t say I’d be opposed to the Jets going after Harbaugh, but I will admit his mediocre record on offensive coordinators would make me a tad nervous considering the direction the league is going.

We can’t say how much say Harbaugh would want over personnel or how he would view the Jets in comparison to other potential openings, which could be potential hurdles.