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Jets Roster Power Rankings, as voted on by Jets fans

NFL: New York Jets at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, I asked Jets fans to grade the performance of each key 2018 Jet on a scale of 1-10 (you can still vote and see the score breakdown of each player here). The ballot included 39 Jets with at least 100 offensive or defensive snaps, plus the three core special teams players. Here are the results!

  • Compared to my top ten, the main difference was the inclusion of three special teams players. I think those players deserve their high grades. The Jets are ranked second in the league in special teams DVOA, one of their best units in a long time. Those three have each played a part with top-tier performance at their respective positions.

However, I just don’t think special teams players are valuable enough to have that much impact. So if we remove the three special teams stars, the community’s top ten was almost identical to mine. Nine of the ten selections would be the same, with the only difference being the community’s selection of Bilal Powell over mine of Brandon Shell.

  • Personally, my top underrated players on the list would be Shell (#15), Steve McLendon (#16), Kelvin Beachum (#22), and Robby Anderson (#25). My top overrated players would be Jordan Jenkins (#14), Brandon Copeland (#19), Frankie Luvu (#24), and Nathan Shepherd (#26). Overall, though, I think this list is fairly accurate and similar to what I would come up with. I feel like the fans put together a pretty fair list.
  • Fans were at least a bit even-keeled on Sam Darnold, even if they still may have overrated him a little. He hasn’t played well so far. Does that mean he won’t be great someday? Absolutely not. I still think he will be, as do most people who have watched him closely this year. Regardless, he hasn’t been a plus performer just yet. His 5.64 grade seems high for one of the league’s lowest-rated quarterbacks, but I was ready for fans to grade him an 8 with a strong rookie curve. I was surprised to see there was some reserve surrounding the votes he received. Personally, I gave him a 5, which was his most commonly received vote at 25%. A 4 or 5 would seem fair for him to me, and I think a strong case can also be made for 3. Fans were split 52-48 grading him 6 or higher versus 5 or lower.
  • Fans let their love for Jamal Adams be known - and he certainly deserves it. He scored a team-high 8.61. The 1.33 separation between him and the 2nd-ranked non-ST player, Avery Williamson, is equal to the separation between 7th-ranked Marcus Maye and 20th-ranked Mike Pennel. 86% of Adams’ votes were 8 or higher, and his most commonly received score was a 9, at 35% - the most votes for a particular positive score received by any player. He led the team with 27% of votes for 10.
  • Unsurprisingly, Spencer Long took the lowest score at 2.40. 39% of his votes were for a minimum score of 1 - it was the most votes any player received for a particular score.
  • Here are the players who received the most votes for each score:

1 - Spencer Long, 39%

2 - Spencer Long, 23% (followed by Trumaine Johnson, 21%)

3 - Terrelle Pryor, 24%

4 - Jeremiah Attaochu, 30%

5 - Isaiah Crowell, 33%

6 - Jordan Jenkins, 28%

7 - Chris Herndon, 31%

8 - Avery Williamson, 32%

9 - Jamal Adams, 35%

10 - Jamal Adams, 28% (followed by Jason Myers, 20%)

All in all, this was a very interesting exercise. Thanks a lot to everyone who voted!

What are your thoughts on the community’s opinions? Who is the most overrated player on the list? Most underrated?