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Podcast: Things to watch for the Jets after the bye

NFL: Buffalo Bills at New York Jets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

We are now past the bye in 2018 and entering the home stretch of the season. For the 3-7 Jets, it looks like another year without much excitement near the end of the season. The team stumbled into its week off with an embarrassing home loss to the Buffalo Bills, extending a losing streak to four games. Can things get better over the final six games?

On today’s podcast we check out some important things to watch after the bye. Many of these have implications that go beyond 2018 for the Jets. They include the play of Sam Darnold, the play of his supporting cast, the offensive scheme, the performance of potential cap casualties, the performance of potential free agents, the performance of rookies, and the coaching staff. On today’s show we look at all of these things as the season gets set to resume this Sunday.

Thanks for listening to the show.