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Jets Mid-Season Off-Season Wishlist

This year has been less than stellar. The only silver lining is that there will be another season next year. As with most Jets seasons, looking forward to the off-season is our top highlight.

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I am going to try and get as detailed as I can with contract details. I’ll be bringing you my wishlist for what coaches to hire, who to resign, who to cut, who to sign in free agency and of course who to draft.

Head Coach

Lincoln Riley: The Johnsons take a break from hiring defensive coordinators and finally bring in an innovative offensive mind to run this team. Under Lincoln, we can finally move forward with the development of Sam Darnold. I believe Lincoln will also be the one calling plays.

Option B: Dave Toub

Defensive Coordinator

Chuck Pagano: With a young offensive mind running the team, we need to match him with a great defensive mind to run the D. Chuck Pagano had a tough run in Indy with lack of talent and injuries. We get to bring Chuck in to dominate the role that got him a HC job in the first place.

Option B: Rex Ryan

Players To Cut

Spencer Long - Cap savings ($6.5M): We thought anyone would be better than Wesley Johnson. Then we saw an injured Spencer Long. A lot of the problems with Long have been his injured finger. Even when he was healthy, he wasn’t exactly a world beater. We can get out of his contract with 0 dead money, and possibly land one of the better centers in the league in free agency.

Isaiah Crowell - Cap Savings ($3M): I like Crowell, but I don’t see him fitting in so much with where I see this offense going. We are going to need some high flying RBs to fit into our high flying offense. This will make much more sense when you see my free agency.

Money Saved: $9.5M

Players To Bring Back

CB, Morris Claiborne - 2019 Cap Hit ($7m): Mo has been the most reliable CB for the last two years, despite the big contract just given to Tru. Let’s throw him a little more money and bring him back.

WR, Quincy Enunwa - 2019 Cap Hit ($9): When healthy, Q is one of the biggest miss-matches we have had in a long time. I want a whole offense of miss-matches.

S, Rontez Miles - 2019 Cap Hit ($1.9M): Miles has been out with an injury this year, but he has always been a reliable backup, and special teams player.

Edge, Brandon Copeland - 2019 Cap Hit ($1.3M): Copeland has come out of nowhere to becoming a productive cog on the edge.

KR/PR, Andre Roberts - 2019 Cap Hit ($1.2M): When was the last time we had a legit return man? Now is not the time to be cheap. Bring him back.

C, Jonotthan Harrison - 2019 Cap Hit ($1M): With Long’s short snapping troubles abundant, Harrison has done a half decent job of filling in. I can think of worse options for a backup.

LBer, Neville Hewitt - 2019 Cap Hit ($1M): Hewitt is a nice effort guy in our LBing core. I don’t mind keeping him onboard for depth.

K, Jason Myers - 2019 Cap Hit ($1.7M): Meyers the God has been on fire this year. Let’s sure up that monster leg.

CB, Darryl Roberts - 2019 Cap Hit ($2.2M): When Tru went down, Roberts was asked to step in for him. After a bumpy start, he has settled into the job, and didn’t do that badly. Reliable depth is a good thing.

WR, Robby Anderson - 2019 Cap Hit ($2.9M): Anderson is a RFA, so one more cheap year of with one of the better deep threats in the league, makes me smile.

WR, Deontay Burnett - 2019 Cap Hit ($.8M): Burnett is a guy I would love to keep around and develop him. He has a skill set and relationship with Darnold that we should foster.

Money Spent: $31.5M

Free Agents To Sign

C, Matt Paradis - 2019 Cap Hit ($10M): We need to sure up our O-line and keep Darnold clean. Paradis is one of the best centers in the game. If he makes it to market, he should be a top priority.

Option B: Mitch Morse

G, Rodger Saffold - 2019 Cap Hit ($11M): Unfortunately center is not our only need along the O-line. Saffold is a little on the older side, but still has a few years of solid football left. His productions is well worth it.

Option B: Tom Compton

Edge, Demarcus Lawrence - 2019 Cap Hit ($20M): We finally get our bonafide edge rusher. With the guys I have us getting, we can finally rely on a 4 man rush.

Option B: Dee Ford

RB, Le’Veon Bell - 2019 Cap Hit ($16.5M): With our O-line secure, it’s now time to use it by getting one of the most productive RBs in the NFL. He should be nice and fresh also. Anyone else seeing the miss-matches I am building here?

Option B: Mark Ingram

WR, Tyrell Williams - 2019 Cap Hit ($6M): The cherry on top for this offense is another deep threat that can strethc the field with Robby. Some will say that he is redundant, but I think we need redundancy there. With two deep threats on the field at once, the safeties have to respect them. This opens up the field for Herndon, Bell, and Q.

Option B: Golden Tate

QB, Landry Jones - 2019 Cap Hit ($1M): It’s time to transition backup McCown to coach McCown. Jones is whatever, but if Darnold goes down, I don’t expect greatness.

Option B: Matt Barkley

Money Spent: $64.5M

Projected Cap Space: $115,988,224


Cap Spent: $96,000,000

Remaining Cap: $19,988,224


Round 1 - DT, Ed Oliver, Houston: We have one more year with Leo before we have to decide on paying him or letting him walk. Grabbing Oliver here gives us a lot of flexibility there. For 2019, Oliver and Leo both rushing the passer sounds delicious.

Round 3 - WR, Hakeem Butler, Iowa State: Maybe this is the year Macc hits on some mid-round skill positions. I will be banking on Butler. The guy is like a Space Jam monster out there. His catch radius is incredible. With injury concerns surrounding Q. It would be nice to have some depth in the freak of nature category.

Round 3 - OT, Lucas Niang, TCU: We need an eventual replacement for Beachum. I believe Niang could be up for the challenge. His is surprisingly nimble for his size, and is used to a high tempo offense. We could have him compete with Shell for RT for 2019

Round 4 - Edge, Jabari Zuniga, Florida: Jachai Polite gets a lot of the spotlight in Florida, but Zuniga has been very good across from him. He holds down the edge, and brings a lot of physicality when rushing the passer.

Round 5 - QB, Gardner Minshew, Washington State: With Darnold hopefully in place as our franchise QB. We can start taking fliers on late round studs to develop and trade like the Pats have done for years.

Round 7 - TE, Tommy Sweeney, Boston College: I don’t know about you guys, but I am sort of sick of Eric Tomlinson. Sweeney is a reliable receiver, and even better at opening up running lanes. That’s what we really need. A blocker.