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Scouting The 2019 NFL Draft: Week 12 Scouting Guide

Click it here to see which games and prospects you should be watching in week 12.

UCLA v Arizona State Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

This week we are stuck with a lot of duds when it comes to matchups. I did introduce two new teams though. I will be prioritizing games with prospects that fit our primary needs. Those are as follows: Edge, T, G, RB, WR, and CB. Here are just a few games to check out, and who you should keep a keen scouting eye on throughout.

Boston College Vs. Florida State (Sat 11/17, 3:30 PM EST, ESPN 2)

Edge, Brian Burns, Florida State (#99)

Burns has a variety of pass rush moves, footwork, burst and length. Brian’s ceiling as an NFL edge rusher is through the roof.

Edge, Wyatt Ray, Boston College (#11)

Even though Wyatt is the next best edge on the team, he has the most production. He uses good technique and closing speed to finish QBs off.

Edge, Zach Allen, Boston College (#2)

When Allen wins, he wins with physical dominance, and extraordinary hustle. He is very hard to move from his gap. If he was more physically gifted, he would go very high in April.

OG, Chris Lindstrom, Boston College (#75)

Lindstrom demonstrates great power and hand usage, which allows him to sustain blocks, and clear lanes. He is the backbone of BC’s rush offense.

RB, Jacques Patrick, Florida State (#9)

Patrick is a one cut, physical downhill runner. Patrick sees the field cleanly and knows how to work off his blocks.

CB, Hamp Cheevers, Boston College (#4)

Cheevers is a sticky defensive back. He mirrors receivers well, and has the quickness to close. He does look a little outmatched in run defense.

CB, Levonta Taylor, Florida State (#28)

Levonta is a little undersized, but his movement skills are something special. Taylor has lightning quick footwork, fluid hips and the speed to remain in phase with opponents to any part of the field.

Other Notable prospects: QB, Deondre Francois, Florida State #12 - DT, Demarcus Christmas, Florida State #90 S, Lukas Denis, Boston College #21

Iowa State Vs. Texas (Sat 11/17, 8:00 PM EST, LHN)

Edge, Breckyn Hager, Texas (#44)

Hager has a great 1st step that lets him explode into the backfield. He needs to improve against the run.

WR, Hakeem Butler, Iowa State (#18)

Butler is a giant, and plays big as well. His catch radius and that of a Space Jam monster. All you need to do is toss it up to him, and there is a good chance he comes down with it.

WR, Collin Johnson, Texas (#9)

Collin is a very tall receiver that does a great job at the LOS to get a quick release from the defender. He shows a lot of athletic ability with the ball in the air.

OG, Patrick Vahe, Texas (#77)

Patrick is very good at getting to next level, and has above average mobility and uses frame to eat linebackers.

RB, David Montgomery, Iowa State (#32)

Montgomery is my favorite RB in the whole class. Like Hunt and Penny, Montgomery is a master of making people miss, and picking up the tough yards.

CB, Brian Peavy, Iowa State (#10)

Peavy is a smaller corner who will most likely find a role as a slot in the NFL. He has quick feet and quick reactions.

CB, Kris Boyd, Texas (#2)

Kris is a very physical corner who is smooth and athletic. He can be very sticky in man coverage. Boyd needs to add some strength at the next level.

Other Notable prospects: DT, Charles Omenihu, Texas #90 - S, Brandon Jones, Texas #19

Arizona State Vs. Oregon (Sat 11/17, 10:30 PM EST, PACN)

Edge, Jalen Jelks, Oregon (#92)

Jelks has a long frame, and is extremely quick off the line. Oregon lines him up inside and guards and centers can’t handle his speed at all.

OT, Casey Tucker, Arizona State (#77)

Tucker is a very powerful tackle, that really knows how to move bodies around. My concerns are with age and his ability to stay balanced in pass protection.

G, Jake Hanson, Oregon (#55)

Hanson has great hand placement and technique. When he latches on to his blocks, he doesn’t break easily.

WR, N’Keal Harry, Arizona State (#1)

Harry is in the running for top receiver in the class. He is the complete package, and is probably the biggest downfield monster in the class. The way he high points with perfect timing is so impressive.

Other Notable prospects: QB, Justin Herbert, Oregon #10 - DT, Renell Wren, Arizona State #95