Get Jamal Adams to the Pro Bowl

Hey Jets fan. How're you hanging in there? What's that? You've been in the fetal position since 1:05pm this past Sunday? Hahaha yes, I too, am horrendously depressed. Good stuff. Anyway, it's been a rough couple of weeks for our kind. In dark times such as these, sometimes finding a silver lining is the only way to get by. And that, my poor reader, is why I finally dabbed my tears with my Leonard Williams jersey, dragged myself over to my laptop and began typing this post. I think one of the hardest things about being a Jets fan lately is the lack of stars. Guys that you can really pound your chest over...a guy that makes you want get into arguments with strangers about how he's better than any player on their team. We might not have our dignity, a divisional win, or Baker Mayfield, but we DO have Jamal Adams.

This has been a pretty miserable year for us, but I think Adams has been a really nice silver lining on this pitch dark cloud of a season. After a promising rookie year, Adams seemed to heed calls of needing to play up to his draft stock, and he's been absolutely lights out since Week 1. I think Adams definitely deserves to represent the AFC in the Pro Bowl, but frankly, that's not the point. Whether or not Adams deserves a Pro Bowl trip is for another post entirely...but for right now, we just need a win guys. Truth of the matter is, Adams' stellar play means he's likely the only player on the Jets roster that has a prayer of making the Pro Bowl. I feel like we need this. We need this to happen, to have something (anything) to feel good about as we watch actually competent teams play this January. Being on a bad team severely hurts Adams' chances, but YOU can help me, your pal ScanJack, even the odds by voting for Jamal on the NFL's website. Let us channel all of our pain and pathetic dreams of tomorrow into a righteous, furious crusade. Vote like your life depends on it. Don't do it the Jets, or for Jamal Adams, or even for it for you. Because you're a nice person, and gosh darnit, you deserve this. WE DESERVE THIS.

You can vote at the link below:

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