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NFL Power Rankings, Week 11: Into The Abyss

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Buffalo Bills v New York Jets Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

The New York Jets lost at home in an embarrassing blowout to one of the worst teams in the NFL, the Buffalo Bills on Sunday to drop the Jets record to 3-7 on the season. This week’s NFL power rankings reflect the dismal reality of another lost Jets season.

SB Nation

Jets: 28 (last week: 25)

USA Today

26. Jets (last week: 25)

Horrendous as Sunday was, this will be fairly attractive job to some coach not named Todd Bowles. Young QB, talent on D, loads of cap space.

Washington Post

30. New York Jets (last week: 27)

The Jets are not exactly making a spirited run to keep Coach Todd Bowles from being fired after the season.


28. New York Jets (last week 27)

Defining stat: 4. The number of games in which the Jets have allowed more than 30 points. They did it “only” five times in each of the previous two seasons, so they’re well ahead of their pace. When the defense has been bad, it’s been really bad.

With the obvious proviso that power rankings are stupid, unless they praise the Jets, in which case they’re awesome, what do you think? Where should the Jets rank in the NFL power rankings?