The saddest part of the Bills loss........

Nothing has or will change. First just a little sarcasm.....

Woody and his Brother Chris, Jets President, Sunday evening phone call.

Woody: Chris before you say a word thank you, thank you, thank you brother. You are the only man in America who could make me look smart. The fans will be flying banners on game day begging for my return soon. Keep up the good work!

I won’t waste time telling everyone how bad Trader Mike and Bowles are. I gave them a year then wrote extensively about how bad they were thereafter. Deep down I think we all knew the same but GGN is a very optimistic crew. Bottom line we all just want to win.

The new GM or HC search should have already started but we all know it hasn’t. Hats off to Browns for firing Jackson and the OC and getting a jump on the rest of the losers in the league who will wait until black Monday then spend a week reading the papers about who they should hire and we know the rest.

My prediction is WOODY follows the brilliant Raiders strategy of hiring a TV analyst to a big guaranteed contract who knows he sucks, so he’s on TV. Then like all failed Owners, GMs, HCs he blames his predecessors, institutes a complete rebuild so they can then take no responsibility for the losing, blame the unpredictability of the draft, no franchise QB etc etc. I think WOODY will pick Bill Cowher or the Mad Dog Russo!

Our current great GM, HC team have basically spent all of our draft and free agent capital on defense the last 5 years, like their predecessors and we just got absolutely smoked by statistically one of, if not the worst offenses in NFL history with a QB who last played 2 years ago and both still have jobs.

Meanwhile no one in a Jet land knows what to do about it.


Take the hint not from me but the Brown’s GM. Follow his lead. Put everyone on notice that the Jets are going to do a proper search and triple the offer anyone else makes to find and hire the one competent, proven football person to run the franchise. That’s not an emotional reaction to the Bills loss. It’s a logical and long overdue conclusion to two mistakes made 5 years ago.

For once, admit your mistakes and take a smart, proactive approach.

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