Is it time to shuffle the back end of the roster?

Not going to get into the should they or shouldn't they fire Bowles, or the "who's fault is it" between Mac, Bowles or players. I'm going to go the other route. When you have a losing skid, players that aren't playing like they want it, the tried and true method is to just cut the back end guys on the roster and reorganize the deck a little bit. You then give those back end guys a little bit of burn, taking playing time from your starters and before you know it, everyone is back to life and playing hard.

Although the Bills just did it with Matt Barkley, it doesn't guarantee you wins, but it always makes fans happy to see people busting their ass on the field. These are a couple of moves I think the Jets should make during this bye week, and how it could benefit them.

1. Cut Rishard Matthews. This is a 29 year old receiver that is a stop gap on a losing season. He doesn't return punts or kickoffs, and may or may not play special teams. I'm not going to fact check that one. I know he's here as a body. In his place bring back Tre McBride. If you don't remember Tre, he was the one catching all the 3rd down passes, running good routes, building a chemistry with Darnold, and also playing special teams. I think that's all the things you'd want in a youngish receiver.

2. Cut Eric Tomlinson, and bring back Clive Walford. Walford had the best preseason of all the Jets tight ends and as a compliment to his superior training camp, he was favor of Tomlinson. Tomlinson is a blocking tight end that can't block in space and sucks. The thinking was that he could help the bad o-line, but this has worked in reverse because teams can stack the box, and not respect him as a receiving tight end. If the Jets kept Walford, they would have 3 tight ends that could space the field better making it tougher for defenses to blitz and attack the line of scrimmage with impunity.

3. Cut Deontay Burnett, and put him back on the practice squad. I know he's young and Darnold is his BFF from college. He's not a pro receiver, and everyone knows it. If he's not going to be on this team next year, why keep him on the last half of the season? In his place bring back a fullback like Dmitri Flowers that the Jets had but never utilized. The Oklahoma Sooners used him in college, and he produced 464 yards receiving and 5 TD's in the 2017 season alone. FROM THE FULLBACK POSITION. Imagine the Jets utilizing him as an H Back and moving him around the field for easy completions for a young QB and cheap and easy yardage. Perish the thought. Imagine him catching a 15 yard post route, and coming back in to block for Cannon on the next play. Fullbacks aren't dead, coordinators just have no imagination.

4. Replace Brian WInters with Dakota Dozier in the starting lineup for the rest of the year. Winters is a career backup that's had a chance to start without much reason. He's not a bad player, he's just a backup. Dozier is a backup that's never had a chance to start. Would be good to see if Dozier would do better if he had consistent reps that Winters has gotten at the guard position.

5. Replace Spencer Long with Jonathan Harrison at center in the starting lineup for the remainder of the season. It's clear that Long wasn't good before his finger issue. He's not durable, seems slow to snap and find his man, and gets beaten often. It's why the Jets can't run up the middle without some type of inside trap. At least try out Harrison and stop giving inferior players more and more playing time.

These are my five changes that I'd love to see this team do. I'm not saying they will work. I'd like to see them because it hurts me to see people that I know are inferior get propped up and play significant snaps while people who outplayed them in the preseason were released or just don't seem to play for whatever reason. The way I see it, with these changes we can see if Darnold has another young receiver that he can build chemistry with. We can see if the offensive line just needed to replace two interior lineman to grow some balls. We'd see if the full back position is obsolete, or if we could use it as a safety net to help Darnold's rookie campaign be a bit easier with dump offs to a reliable set of hands. Finally, we could see if getting players that aren't playing well off the field will light a fire under the team, and get them all playing like their jobs might be in jeopardy if they don't produce. Production is the main quantifier of quality after all.

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