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Jets reportedly retaining Todd Bowles through end of season

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at New York Jets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently, according to Ian Rapoport, the Jets are not going to fire Todd Bowles mid-season.

It’s a very sad decision, frankly. While it feels inevitable the Jets will move on from the coach at the end of the season, the next six games of the season now have very little viewing appeal. Bowles has completely lost this team and has repeatedly endangered the development of the franchise’s most prized player. It is borderline impossible to root for him or his team with the effort they each are putting forth.

This decision makes me skeptical of whether or not the Jets can ever win under this ownership. The retention of Bowles throughout the final six games is pitched as an attempt at “stability” and “protecting Darnold.” In truth, retaining this destructive coach accomplishes the polar opposite of each of those things.

The Jets are not making the playoffs this season either way, and likely would not be much better under an interim head coach. However, it is very frightening to know that this ownership is willingly signing up for another six games of a coach who is brutally hurting a team full of young players who will be here long beyond his exit. He’s establishing a losing mentality in which a lack of or no effort is totally acceptable. Young players are not getting the chance to develop in competitive games on competently perfomring teams.

It is starting to feel more likely than not that the Jets will fail to win a single game over the rest of the season, or even look competent in one. Worse, Sam Darnold will continue to be tossed into awful playing conditions, with richly-paid teammates giving no effort, a coaching staff that seemingly does not understand how to protect and nurture its rookie quarterback, and an offensive line getting worse by the week. The Jets continue to fail to properly develop the most important player on their roster in years, and it all starts up top with the head coach and general manager, who also deserves major criticism.

The Jets have hit a lot of lows in their history, but this is right up there with all of them. The next month and a half of Jets football is going to be brutal.

Perhaps in the near future, a phoenix will arise from the ashes. Until then, it is among the ashes we must survive.