In Defense of Tanking

If the draft were held today, the Jets would be picking somewhere between fifth and sixth. This is prime position to potentially draft Ohio State star pass rusher Nick Bosa.

If the question is whether to fire Bowles now during the bye or at end of season, one could only decide the latter if one thought winning some of the remaining six games was important.

They aren't important. Yes, decisions can be made on roster positioning for next year, and players like Cannon, McGuire, Luvu etc can receive more reps to gauge where they will stand for next year's roster. But wins will only lessen the Jets ability to improve through the draft in 2019. The Jets need at least three starters from the draft next year, and any slide down the draft order will be a negative.

Yes, Herm Edwards said you play to win the game. But he is at Arizona State now.

So if you fire Bowles (and maybe Bates and Rodgers) now, you have a coaching mess. Fine, cant be worse than having a coaching mess with Bowles still as HC

Fire Bowles now!

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