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Mailbag: Should Jets fans expect Sam Darnold to carry the team to victory against Miami?

NFL: New York Jets at Chicago Bears Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

November is here. To celebrate the arrival of the year’s penultimate month and the fact today is Thursday, we will do a podcast mailbag today. Thanks as always to those of you who submitted questions. We couldn’t do the show without you. Apologies if your question was not answered. Feel free to resubmit it for future mailbags.

On today’s show we look at whether Jets fans should expect Sam Darnold to carry the team to victory this Sunday, whether analytics in football have caught up to those used in baseball, whether the Jets’ offensive scheme is too simple, whether the team should use more designed runs for Darnold, whether the team should look to hire recently fired Browns coaches, how bleak the season will look if the Jets lose the next two games, how my reaction would have been had the team traded Leonard Williams for a first round pick, and whether Todd Bowles could be fired before the season ends.

Thanks for listening.