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Jets stay quiet at trade deadline despite interest in Dante Fowler

NFL: New York Jets at Jacksonville Jaguars Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL’s trade deadline came and went today without the Jets making a move.

The team did reportedly have interest in Jacksonville’s Dante Fowler, who was traded to the Rams.

Whether the Jets should have much interest in Fowler when he hits free agency is up for debate. Fowler has ability and has produced to an extent, but he has undeniably underperformed relative to his Draft slot and has some other baggage.

That is a debate for a few months from now. At this moment, the Jets would have been crazy to pay what the Rams gave up for eight games of Fowler. Again, he is in the last year of his contract. The Jets are 3-5. Dante Fowler probably isn’t the difference between making and missing the Playoffs. I’m not even sure he would have been worth a three and a five even if he had a contract for next year anyway,

Kudos to the Jets for not making a bad move.