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The numbers say Jamal Adams is making a lot of plays in 2018

NFL: New York Jets at Chicago Bears Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a good stat from PFF on the impact Jamal Adams is having so far for the Jets in 2018.

A stop is a tackle on a run play that results in a failure for the offense. The definition of failure varies by down.

In the past I’ve posted results for a different stat I call run sacks. Defenders are credited for sacks when they make a tackle for no gain or a loss on a passing play, but such tackles on run plays are much less celebrated.

I crunched some numbers using the Pro Football Reference Game Play Finders and found that Adams leads the Jets with 9 run sacks so far in 2018. That total puts him just outside the top ten in the entire NFL in 2018.

On a side note, Adams hasn’t been too bad in coverage either this year. According to PFF, opponents have just a 63.4 passer rating throwing against the second year safety.