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Jets Week 8 Anti-Game Ball: Jermaine Kearse

NFL: New York Jets at Chicago Bears Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets lost to the Bears on Sunday, which makes it our sad duty to give out an anti-game ball.

As a reminder, we try to avoid giving anti-game balls to the quarterback or to repeat recipients. Odds are the quarterback performed poorly if the team lost so you could give it to him after most losses. And for repeat recipients, there’s no point in picking on the worst player on the team week after week.

For the Bears game, I am giving my anti-game ball to Jermaine Kearse. Sunday was a bad day for Jets receivers, but the group was undermanned. Kearse was the one guy the Jets ran out there who had a credible NFL track record aside from newly signed Rishard Matthews.

He was limited to 3 catches for 30 yards on 10 targets. It stood out to me how much he struggled to win one on one and to make contested catches. I saw three passes hit his hands and then fall incomplete.

The Jets’ passing game stalled on Sunday because of their receivers. Kearse was the guy who needed to step up more than anybody. His inability to do so is the reason he gets my anti-game ball.

Who gets yours?