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Jets fans are confident about the team’s long-term direction but aren’t thinking Playoffs just yet

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NFL: Minnesota Vikings at New York Jets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

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Many Jets fans are optimistic about the future direction of the team with Sam Darnold at the helm, but they aren’t expecting immediate returns. This week, FanPulse asked NFL fans whether their team will make the Playoffs in 2018. 95% of Jets fans voted no despite the fact the team has a 3-4 record and has been pretty competitive.

The only fan bases with lower Playoff expectations were the Bills, Giants, Cardinals, 49ers, and Raiders.

In terms of fan confidence, things held relatively steady in spite of a blowout loss. 55% of Jets fans expressed confidence in the direction of the team, a modest drop from last week’s 69%.

Jets fans expect the Jets to lose to the Bears by 4 this week.