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Jets vs Vikings: Five Bold Predictions

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at New York Jets TODAY Sports

The Jets have their first shot to break .500 since week 1 with a win over the Vikings. Unfortunately, the Vikings are a very talented team with a solid head coach, so the Jets will likely have to outcoach and overperform to win this one. Well, if the Bills could do it...

Disclaimer: A Bold Prediction is not something that is likely or probable to happen. Bold Predictions are blind guesses that are laughably optimistic beyond what anyone can reasonably expect to happen, but not so far as to be virtually impossible. Saying that Leonard Williams will get a sack is not a Bold Prediction, nor is saying that Bilal Powell will run for 650 yards. By definition, Bold Predictions are unlikely, but not impossible, to occur. Since this is a Jets site, they are also pro-Jets predictions. As always, the Final Score prediction is meant to be realistic, not a Bold Prediction.

Here are my five bold predictions for tomorrow’s game:

  1. The Jets have another special teams touchdown.
  2. Three Jets have strip sacks of Cousins.
  3. The Jets hold the Vikings to under 50 yards rushing.
  4. Sam Darnold throws for 3 touchdowns and no interceptions.
  5. The Jets offensive line doesn’t give up a sack.

And a bonus prediction: There are at least 50 references in the broadcast about how the Jets wanted Cousins, but must be pretty happy to have Darnold now.

Final Score: While I’d love to stay optimistic, the Vikings are a much more talented and better coached team. They’ve already had meltdown games, so I doubt they overlook a 3-3 team. I’m not excited about our chances here, Jets lose 31-20