Looks like the GM's got the QB order just about right this time

Usually when you have a draft class stacked with blue chip QB's, some GM's screw it up, but this time it looks like the GM's got the order right, or close enough to right that their fans can't cry about the QB's they selected and the ones they let get away.

The 83' draft is a perfect example. 6 QB's taken in RD 1 and the last of the 6 was Dan Marino at 28

Can't complain about Elway going #1, but after that there were some royal swings and misses.

01. John Elway
07. Todd Blackledge
14. Jim Kelly
15. Tony Eason
24. Ken O'Brein
28. Dan Marino

Obviously if those teams could get a mulligan the three HOFers (Elway, Marino and Kelly) come off the board first. I personally believe Marino was better than Elway, then Kelly, but there's no doubt those turned out to be the three best pros. Blackledge and Eason were just out-n-out busts. O'Brien was good, but not great, obviously Marino should have been the pick.

My point is, in strong QB classes somebody usually makes a colossal mistake, but that doesn't seem to have happened here, though admittedly its still way too early to know for sure.

I like to believe (hope) Darnold will be the best of the five QB's taken in the first round, but however it turns out, I do believe the best two of the five went off the board first, Mayfield and Darnold. I also believe, in the long run, Allen over Rosen will have been the right call too.

And as much as Rosen is struggling early in his career, I suspect he'll have been a better choice than Lamar Jackson who went fifth of the five, though thats debatable. But if there is a Blackledge and/or Eason in this class, BUSTS, those are the two most likely candidates in my view with Allen coming in third, as it should be, which again means the GM's got the order just about right this time.

So while its too early to say for sure, unlike 83', the most glaring example but hardly the only example, this time I think the GM's got the order just about right. If there is a mistake, the only mistake I'm hoping for is Darnold > Mayfield, that when we look back the consensus is Darnold should have went #1, but even then I would be be surprised if Mayfield is not a FQB too.

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