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Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel (October 10th-October 16th)

Indianapolis Colts v New York Jets Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Our readers’ and writers’ contributions to this site are a major reason why Gang Green Nation is the best Jets blog in the history of Jets blogs. No contribution, big or small, should go unnoticed. That’s why we’ll highlight some of the best comments and FanPosts on a weekly basis.

Without further ado, I bring to you, Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel for the past week:

Top Fanposts:

My 2019 Big Board....So Far:

Erik23 delves into draft prospects that would look good in Green & White next year.

GGN Thread About Nothing #203: The Rumor:

fly14 talks about witchcraft in Salem.

Top Comments:

On his uncanny Ability to rec comments:

I legit set a GGN record after turning 4 consecutive comments green in 5 seconds and I don’t make the highlight reel?! Would you leave Drew Brees out of this week’s highlight reel?!


On Bates’ early down philosophy:

From the top of my head, bootlegs is probably the go-pass on 1st downs, followed by any sort of route combo with curl or hitch to the sidelines. And the personnel and formations in which we call these passes typically include multiple TE’s with or without a fullback, showing a run-heavy, condensed look. Usually no shifts, motions, complex misdirection, or package plays (ex: rpo’s). Has anyone here seen this scenario too many times on 1st down and felt confident gaining at least 3 yards? I’m happy with not ending up with negative yardage. I hope that whole visual paints a picture to why Darnold might be struggling on 1st downs. Stubbornly running into 8 main boxes (and putting stress on our mediocre offensive line) is the reason we don’t pass as much on 1st downs. For the sake of “identity”. Then you have to account for the fact that our pass plays are utterly predictable when, for example, we see crossers and other routes on the bootleg get jumped leaving Darnold with a contested catch in the flat or throwing it away on the sidelines. If we are gonna run the same concepts over and over again, we should at least do our best to window dress them with some presnap action or at least shift to a formation like spread that puts defense in a conflict. Make them pay for overplaying what we like to do. Speaking of our personnel, why do we insist on coming out in multiple TE’s sets or 21 personnel sets when they include our weakest positions? It’s 2018, they need to wake up and realize you can use a base offense with 3+ wr’s and achieve the same goals with our best personnel. All the best offenses do it and it’s a trend that’s exploded this year in the NFL that contributed to the current scoring boom. And of course Sam is gonna have a mediocre comp % when he has to CONSISTENTLY complete passes on 3rd and long with the defense having the advantage. We are schematically incompetent on early downs. No QB is set up for success under those circumstances. The fact that he has that type of TD/INT ration + YPA on 3rd downs should demonstrate how talented he is. My bad for the long-winded text wall but I’m glad I see some confirmation to what I observe when I watch this offense. NOTHING makes me more triggered than to watch this unit sabotage themselves while there are plenty of offenses out there that look like belong in the 21st century.


On tempering expectations:

A nice win for sure but a “breakout”?

While Darnold had a solid performance I’m not sure how you define it as a Breakout? Seems to me they left quite a few points on the table because they couldn’t seal the deal w TDs and had to settle for FGs … 7 of them. Not saying all the 3s should have been 7s but they squandered more than a few opportunities. Look … it was a good game. A lot more good than bad and if you look at from the lens of linear progress we’re going in the right direction. However, the Colts suck so not sure we’ll have the same result against a better team. But hey … a win is a win is a win. Yay Jets!


On how Revis spoiled us:

Gotta give credit to Claiborne

I feel that NFL fans are always so harsh on CBs . It’s just the nature of the position because they still out so much when they make a bad play. And especially Jets fans because we got spoiled with Revis’ essentially perfecting the position for a 3 year stretch that we feel every great CB performance has to look like that. Great CBs will get beat at times. Major props to Claiborne this year. He’s been excellent and had another fantastic game today.


On why the option should be be featured more in NFL offenses:

I legit think that a true option offense would wreck every defense in the NFL.

90% of the league hasn’t even seen it, and are constructed totally to defend the pass. The salary cap structure even seems to reward this architecture. A legit option offense where the dive has to be honored and the QB can run and the TB is the best athlete on the field would wreck every defense in the league. Nobody would be able to stop it. Nobody is built to.


On who deserves the game ball this week:

Game Ball to Ballard...

thanks for trading us the 3rd pick in the draft. Oh…and thanks for Anderson too…

-DARN..that never gets..OLD!!

On Myers’ career numbers compared to the rest of the league:

Myers vs. the NFL

Myers is definitely starting to grow on me, especially after last week’s performance. I couldn’t find the graph that was posted here a while ago, so I put some similar numbers together. Don’t laugh. I’m neither a stats guy nor a chart guy. I left his college numbers out of his aggregate and only compared him to his own league years. He’s actually not as bad a kicker as I originally thought. His best range, by far, is 40-49 yards and while his XP average stinks, he’s been automatic in the 20-29 range, except for one miss in 2015.



On why we may be expecting too much from Leonard Williams:

Beasley had that one great year where he converted a ridiculous percentage of his pressures into sacks

Since then, he’s regressed back to more typical rates, and since he doesn’t get that many pressures, he’s not getting many sacks. Leo… I think the problem is that we’re comparing him to guys like Aaron Donald, and he’s just not that kind of super-elite player. He’s a really good run defender and a solid pass rusher who’d be great as a team’s second-best pass rusher, but isn’t good enough to consistently blow up double-teams like the truly special pass rushers.


On Chris Herndon’s play recently:

I think Herndon’s play hasn’t been given enough attention. Mostly because of Darnold but if it were ASJ with performances such as the one the rookie had this week people would be clamoring with finally found a tight end. Let’s hope he can keep it up, would be a very good weapon to develop alongside Sam.


On all of the records that Darnold is breaking by being the youngest starting QB in history:

Youngest to ever get sacked. Youngest to ever throw a pick 6. Youngest to ever call a time-out. Youngest to ever spit Gatorade on a sideline.


So there you have it, Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel. Want to be featured next week? Just keep doing what you do, and more importantly, keep being who you are—after all, YOU’RE what makes Gang Green Nation so great!


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