My 2019 Big far

It's a Thursday night and I'm bored. So I figured I'd draft up my first 2019 draft big board (top 10). Take a look and let me know what you think.

1. Nick Bosa (DE, Ohio State) - Bosa is the best edge rusher in this draft by a decent margin. Nonstop motor, good athlete, phenomenal technique. Many say he's even better than his older brother, and Joey is already a top 5 edge rusher when healthy...yikes.

2. Clelin Ferrell (DE, Clemson) - If we miss out on Bosa, and Ferrell is still on the board, he's the way to go. Out of the stacked Clemson d-line, Ferrell is the best. He's a physical freak who can dominate on the edge. I think he has All-Pro potential right out of the gate.

3. Jonah Williams (OT, Alabama) - We need a franchise left tackle. In my opinion, the only guy in this draft capable of becoming that right away is Williams. He's easily the top o-line prospect. Very consistent, good technique, and tons of experience as he's been a multi-year starter.

4. Ed Oliver (DL, Houston) - Oliver may be the best player in the draft, but I have him fourth based upon need and justified talent that meets our needs. If there weren't any good pass rushers or left tackles worthy of putting ahead of him, then he'd be number one based upon pure talent.

5. Josh Allen (DE, Kentucky) - In my opinion, the third best edge rusher in the draft. Tall, lanky athlete who's always around the ball and plays with a fire similar to Jamal Adams. Put on a Kentucky game and you'd think he's the only player out there for their defense.

6. Rashan Gary (DL, Michigan) - Outside of Oliver, Gary is the only other interior lineman I'd feel comfortable with. Yes, I'm sick of drafting interior d-linemen like everyone else. Oliver is clearly an exception. Same with Gary, but for different reasons, as I feel he is more than capable of making the transition to edge rusher.

7. Devin White (LB, LSU) - If we decide to move Darron Lee for whatever reason, as he's been involved in trade rumors for a while now, White could be our guy. He comes in a long line of stud LSU linebackers (Deion Jones and Kwon Alexander to name a few) and would take over well in the middle.

8. DK Metcalf (WR, Ole Miss) - We need some talent on offense. In my opinion, Metcalf is the most talented and dominant receiver. I'm a big Ole Miss "Nasty Wide-Outs" guy, so I like AJ Brown as well...but I think Metcalf is better. He's a receiver in a tight end's body, and plays like it. If you were to create a receiver in madden it'd look something like him.

9. Greg Little (OT, Ole Miss) - In my opinion the second best left tackle. If we end up with a near .500 record and picking somewhere in the middle of the first round, Little would be an ideal choice. His technique is a little questionable and he isn't as polished as Jonah Williams, but the natural talent and potential is there.

10. Damien Harris (RB, Alabama) - If we are slotted mid to late first round, Harris is another guy I'd take a close look at. He gets overlooked due to the shear talent of everybody else on Alabama, but put on the tape and you'll see an NFL running back. Speed, power, vision, acceleration, blocking, catching...he can do it all.

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