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Jets 2017 in Review: Three Most Improved Players

Los Angeles Chargers v New York Jets Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images

With the 2017 season in the books, we are going to look back with a series of year in review posts. To start it off, we will look at three players who improved this season.

Bronze medal: Lachlan Edwards

It probably isn’t a great season when the punter gets into the mix in one of these posts, but Edwards did show a lot of progress. After a rookie year where he rated as one of the worst punters in the league, Edwards improved his average 3.5 yards to move from 28th in average in 2016 to 11th in 2017.

Silver medal: Demario Davis

File this in the latest entry under the “shows what I know” file. I didn’t think Davis could play effectively in the NFL, but he turned into a good starter for this team. His 135 tackles set a career high.

Gold medal: Robby Anderson

Anderson entered the year a bit of an unknown. He showed he could play effectively as a rookie, but nobody knew for sure how good he was. Was he just a supporting player? Could he be more? After year two, Anderson looks like a bona fide starter. He emerged as a high quality deep threat in 2017 and fell short of 1,000 yards mainly because Bryce Petty started the last three games. I give him the edge over Davis for the gold because as a second year player, his improvement is more likely to prove long lasting than Davis’ career campaign.