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NFC Playoff Teams Rootability Rankings

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The Jets won’t win the Super Bowl this year. One of the twelve teams in the postseason will. Which team are you rooting for? Here are my rootability rankings in the NFC.

6. Carolina Panthers

I always thought Panthers owner Jerry Richardson was a pretty unscrupulous guy. He was one of the biggest reasons the NFL had a lockout in 2011, and he was reportedly very dishonest about the financial troubles he claimed made the lockout necessary. He now is essentially being forced to sell the team after word got out the team paid settlements to four former employees for Richardson’s sexual harassment and a racial slur. I think there’s a ton of bad karma around this team because of its owner. I’d be really uneasy if the last sight of this NFL season was him taking a trophy.

5. Atlanta Falcons

I know there’s a redemption angle in here somewhere that’s nice, but I can’t forgive these guys for blowing the Super Bowl to New England last year.

4. Philadelphia Eagles

There’s a lot to like about this team. You’ve got a long-suffering fanbase. You’ve got a Cinderella backup quarterback story. But it’s Philly so that knocks them down a bit.

3. New Orleans Saints

They are always a fun offense to watch, and Drew Brees seems like a classy guy. I wouldn’t mind seeing him win it all again. All that knocks the Saints down is the fact they’ve already won a championship within the last ten years so their fans aren’t that tortured.

2. Los Angeles Rams

I like these guys. This is an enjoyable team to watch. They’ve got an innovative coaching staff. They’ve got exciting young talent. The fact they’re back in Los Angeles adds something extra.

  1. Minnesota Vikings

Vikings fans remind me a lot of Jets fans. They are very, very loyal despite experiencing nothing but heartbreak. The difference is they don’t even have the distant memory of a Super Bowl win. Old time fans have the memory of four Super Bowl losses. Younger fans have two heartbreaking NFC Championship Game defeats in the last two decades. And two years ago this fanbase lost a Playoff game because a kicker missed a chip shot field goal. Vikings fans deserve the team they have this year, and I hope they get the championship they deserve.