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Jamal Adams led the Jets in drive ending tackles in 2017

NFL: New York Jets at New England Patriots Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

All tackles in the NFL are not equal. There is a difference between jumping on a ball carrier after a running back drags you 10 yards down the field and making a tackle that stalls a drive.

One number I like to examine is drive ending tackles. These are third and down down tackles that stop the ball carrier short of the first down marker. These tackles get the defense off the field so they are clearly important.

Which Jets led the way in 2017?

I will admit I was a bit surprised to see Jamal Adams lead the Jets in this area. His rookie year had its ups and downs. It is somewhat encouraging to see him rate so well here. He did his fair share on the important downs to help the Jets end drives.

Hat tip to Pro Football Reference’s Play Index for helping me compile the numbers.