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Podcast: Talking Jets offseason with Kristian Dyer

New York Jets v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Krisitan Dyer is our guest on today’s podcast. If you are not familiar with Kristian, he writes about the NFL for the Metro NY newspaper and the Sporting News. He also covers soccer, but that is not our focus today.

We start the show off by talking about an article Kristian wrote a few weeks ago when he suggested the Jets should look to free agency instead of the Draft to try and find their quarterback going forward. That article received some criticism from Jets fans, but Kristian believes the Jets are not far away from competing for a Playoff spot. We discuss this in greater detail on the show, going into the options for the team at the most important position on the field. We also talk about the offseason philosophy the Jets should take and priority free agents.

Then Kristian does the unfathomable. He defends the reincarnation of the XFL and lays out a path where it could become a viable league.