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2018 NFL Draft Rumors: Colts Looking to Trade Down from Third Pick?

Denver Broncos v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Tony Pauline shared the rumor on his Draft Analyst website that the Indianapolis Colts are looking to trade down from the third overall pick.

The Indianapolis Colts hope to come out of the offseason with as many as three new linebackers and several cornerbacks. Word in Mobile is that the Colts would be willing to trade out of the third selection in order to accumulate extra draft picks.

There are going to be a million contradictory rumors between now and the Draft so we won’t chase every single one. I only note this because I have found through the years that a lot of the information Pauline shares eventually pans out.

The Colts are the most logical trading partner for the Jets in the event New York looks to trade up for a quarterback. The Browns seem like a lock to take a quarterback with the top overall pick, and the Giants at two seem unlikely to help their crosstown rivals secure a signal caller.

The Colts have a quarterback in place, but they have a lot of other needs to fill. Moving down to obtain more picks makes sense for them, and the Jets own a slot where they would not drop too far in the first round.

This probably won’t be the last we hear about the Colts potentially being willing to move down.