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Jets fire offensive line coach Steve Marshall

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images

The Jets announced the departure of offensive line coach Steve Marshall Wednesday afternoon.

The Jets hired Marshall in 2015 as part of Todd Bowles’ original staff.

The offensive line was a weakness for the Jets in 2017, but it is awfully tough to blame that on the coaching. Talent was lacking after the team made a number of offseason personnel decisions that did not pan out. It seems as though Marshall is paying for the lack of talent he was provided with his job.

There are two caveats here:

  1. We don’t know to what extent Marshall influenced some of the personnel decisions. (“I can develop that guy. We should definitely sign him. Etc.)
  2. Sometime the offensive line coach goes hand in hand with the coordinator. A new offensive coordinator might want his hand-picked guy to implement a new blocking scheme.

The Jets now have two openings on their offensive coaching staff after firing coordinator John Morton last week.