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Todd Bowles doesn’t confirm Jets offensive coordinator hire

Los Angeles Chargers v New York Jets Photo by Paul Bereswill/Getty Images

Adam Schefter reported on Monday that the Jets are likely to promote quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates to become their next offensive coordinator. Todd Bowles was asked about it today at the Senior Bowl, but he didn’t offer any sort of confirmation.

The Anderson part of this is no surprise. There isn’t any reason for Bowles or anybody else to comment at this point.

As far as the coordinator part goes, we will just have to sit tight. Schefter is the gold standard for breaking news. If he reports something, you generally can take it to the bank. The Jets are not ready to officially announce Bates as their new coordinator yet, but there are plenty of plausible explanations for a potential delay. The team didn’t follow a traditional timeline for announcing the firing of John Morton.

When the Jets do officially announce a hire, it will be their sixth offensive coordinator in eight seasons.