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Report: Jets expected to promote Jeremy Bates to offensive coordinator

Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears

Adam Schefter reports the Jets are expected to promote quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates to offensive coordinator.

Bates was hired as Jets quarterbacks coach a year ago after four years out of coaching. He previously spent one season as an offensive coordinator in 2010 in Seattle during Pete Carroll’s first year. He also called the offensive plays for Denver in 2008.

There was a point in time when Bates was considered an up and coming offensive mind in the league. Multiple reports indicate the Jets think highly of him. I think Bates could ultimately prove to be a solid hire.

There is something about this process that just seems odd to me on the surface, though. The reasons the Jets offered behind firing Morton felt less than compelling. Waiting more than two weeks after the season ended offered an appearance of indecisiveness. Hiring an internal candidate a few days later when there are no reports of other interviews also suggests a less than desirable process.

Appearances aren’t everything. Sometimes things happen behind the scenes that aren’t reported. This whole process has seemed a bit underwhelming to me from the start, though, and this might be a fitting conclusion.