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Jets WR Robby Anderson arrested, accused of threatening officer's family Mike Stocker/Sun Sentinel/TNS via Getty Images

In the past 24 hours all heck has broken loose on GGN. Racial profiling statements, defamatory statements that certain people with no convictions are criminals and rapists, overtly sexual jokes, personal attacks, use of profanity like the f bomb which everyone should know is not permitted on the site, just to name the most flagrant stuff, have all poured loose, a lot of this by long time members who should know better. I’ve had to censor more comments and warn more members in the last day than I’ve had to in years. Unfortunately it appears we need a short reminder of how this community is supposed to work.

To start, everyone who has not read them should click on the Community Guidelines at the top of the front page and familiarize yourself with them. There will now be a five minute pause to allow everyone to get up to speed.

[Five minutes later]

Ok, now that everybody’s read the generic SBN guidelines, let’s go over a few things we don’t like to see on GGN in particular.

No politics, period.

Do not post defamatory accusations of criminal behavior unless the person in question has actually been convicted. I.e., don’t call somebody a rapist or a murderer, or whatever, unless that person has actually been convicted of the crime. In this country everybody is entitled to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty in open court beyond a reasonable doubt.

Do not post comments calling people drug abusers or accuse them of similar substance abuse or other problems that reflect poorly on a person’s reputation unless you have compelling evidence of such problems that you can cite on GGN.

And finally, we at GGN strive to keep this a family friendly community in which people of all ages and genders feel comfortable and welcome. If what you are considering posting probably wouldn’t be considered appropriate in a room full of 10 year olds and their parents, it probably isn’t appropriate here. When in doubt, err on the side of keeping it clean. Keep profanity and overtly sexual material to an absolute minimum.

Thank you all for making GGN the great community it is. Let’s all try to keep it a community we can be proud of.