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Jets Week 17 Anti-Game Ball: Juston Burris

NFL: New York Jets at New England Patriots Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets lost on Sunday to close out their 2017 season. That means we have the sad duty of giving out one final anti-game ball for the year.

When it comes to the anti-game ball, we do our best to follow a couple of rules. First, we try to avoid giving it to the quarterback whenever possible. Second, we try to avoid giving it to repeat winners whenever possible.

Bryce Petty turned in another performance worthy of the anti-game ball, but he is spared. He got it in Weeks 15 and 16, and it would take an otherworldly performance for a quarterback to get it three consecutive weeks.

Instead we will go with Juston Burris. It was an ugly day in coverage for Burris. PFF charted him allowing 5 catches for 81 yards and a missed tackle. If you watched the game, you might be surprised it was not worse. 2017 was a lost year for Burris. His play was so poor that the 2016 fourth rounder might actually need to earn a roster spot in training camp next season. This performance was the cherry on top of a really rough year.

Juston Burris gets my final game ball in 2017. Who gets yours?