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Bruce Arians says he might be part of Jets training camp in 2018

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Recently retired Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians hinted that he might come to training camp to help the Jets coaching staff in 2018 during an interview with MMQB.

The MMQB: Will you miss it?

Arians: Yes and no. I will be in a training camp this summer. It might be the Jets [with friend and former assistant Todd Bowles]. It depends on who the Cardinals hire. I will be at training camp. I will miss the players, I will miss the coaches. The game, I think the game and me, we owe each other nothing. We’re even.

Arians and Bowles have a long-time relationship dating back to Bowles’ time as a player. Arians was actually his college coach in Temple. The two worked together as coaches in multiple NFL stops, including most recently when Bowles served as Arians’ defensive coordinator in Arizona. Bowles’ performance in this job led to him being hired by the Jets in 2015.

Arians is a quality coach so having him around in training camp couldn’t hurt.