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NY Jets: The importance of self-scouting

Kansas City Chiefs v New York Jets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Jets in the midst of formulating their offseason plan. There is still plenty of time before the offseason begins in earnest. Eight teams are still playing games this season, and three rounds of the postseason remain. Still, this is the time the Jets and other teams out of the mix are using to think about how they will attack free agency.

One important but often understated aspect of roster management is self-scouting. Yes, teams need to make smart signings and trades to import quality players from other teams. Yes, the Draft is king when it comes to procuring premium talent. Teams also need to understand what they have and don’t have on their roster.

I don’t think that is an area where the Jets excelled last offseason, and there was one area where it was particularly clear, on the offensive line. That is the topic of today’s podcast. We will look at three decisions the Jets made and how they missed the mark. We will also look at the different ways you can fail self-scouting. You can overpay. You can misjudge a player’s capabilities. You can bring back players even though their replacement is in the fold. The Jets did all three.

We look at last year to learn how the Jets can avoid these pitfalls this year.