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Thank You GGN

Kansas City Chiefs vs New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

About two years ago while a bearded man who hailed from Harvard was taking the football world by storm and leading the Jets on an exciting, surprising push towards the playoffs (that we all know ultimately fell flat), I stumbled upon a site by the name of Gang Green Nation. As a Jets fan, it was perfectly tailored for me. Great writing, up to date news and discussion, top notch analysis, and best of all, an outstanding group of Jets fans to discuss with. GGN was an awesome find.

Eventually, I was fortunate enough to be offered the opportunity to write for the site by the great John B. As a younger fan who has only been around since the Sanchez days, I couldn’t thank John and GGN enough for giving me this chance to voice my opinions to the rest of the awesome Jets fanbase. I do my best to share my knowledge with everyone through pieces that are worthwhile to take in, aiming to provide the same combination of entertaining and informative content that has made Gang Green Nation so great. I certainly hope my passion for the Jets has transferred to you throughout the year.

So, thanks to everyone at Gang Green Nation who makes covering and following the Jets very entertaining even when the on-field product might not be! Hopefully we get this thing turned around, but no matter how it goes, you can bet I’ll be there breaking it down.