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Jets Waiver Wire Tracker

NFL: Tennessee Titans at New York Jets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was the biggest day of transactions on the NFL calendar as teams had to trim their rosters to 53 players. Today is also up there. A great number of the players teams let go yesterday need to go through waivers.

Players with less than four years of experience go through the waiver process. When their original team lets them go, the other 31 teams are given an opportunity to claim them. When more than one team claims a player, the team higher in the Draft order gets him.

It is quite possible the Jets will be active in waiver claims. They have what is generally considered one of the worst rosters in the league. Some of the players waived yesterday are likely better than the bottom players currently on the Jets 53 man roster. The Jets also have a high claim due to their 5-11 record last year.

The GGN Twitter widget is embedded to provide updates on waiver claims through the day.