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Jets Film Review: Anderson, Brooks & How the Jets Avoided 0-16

Jets Film Review: Three Big Plays from Sunday

NFL: Miami Dolphins at New York Jets Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets have pulled off the first win of the 2017 season. This team won’t tie the Detroit Lions for futility- that’s the good news. The better news is we finally saw Robby Anderson blow by someone and our defense look good. Let’s break it down.

Anderson’s TD was a thing of beauty. Credit to the OC, because he dialed up a perfect call.

The Jets run a four deep pattern. Two outside recievers run go routes while the inside man run a variation of a wheel route. The running back runs a typical 5 yard curl and emergency valve route.

Dolphins are in cover 1 man, with two zones underneath across the middle. What’s interesting is that with the four deep routes against the cover one, the safety is going to be having to watch four different deep routes and choose one to help cover deep.

Anderson blows by his man on the inside. TBF, the corner probably should have done a better job on the line of scrimmage getting a jam on Anderson. Meanwhile the safety stays parked in the middle of the field trying to read the deep routes.

Look at how far the safety had to travel. Because he was a bit late reading the breakdown in coverage, there was no way he was ever going to catch up.

This is the case where the Jets exploited a pretty safe defense by stretching the field vertically.

The Dolphins got desperate and tried to go for the fake punt.

The routes are pretty basic, with a deep route on the top a corner route from the tight end and a crossing route. The crossing route to the top side gets open.

Here’s the result of the play. The corner route is double covered, but check out the route across the middle of the field. It’s wide open.

The pressure kept the punter from reversing field, but something to keep in mind: the Jets failed to cover one man. We recall how many times last year the Jets messed up coverages Miami was not able to take advantage in this case, but something worth noting.

The last big play was the 2nd interception by Brooks. It looks like it’s cover one again, but a little twist, which is what got Cutler in trouble.

The Dolphins line up with three wide, two left and one right. Both outside men run deep routes, one looks to be a deep post while the other is a straight go route. The slot man runs a crossing route.

Jets are in cover one but I believe are bracketing Landry, meaning two men covering one. It’s either that or it’s cover one lurk where the middle man is a zone. Either way the Jets defenders pass off Landry in the center of the field.

This one is actually a bit of luck and timing. The pressure forces Cutler to step up right about when Landry crosses behind the defender who dropped into coverage. That little bit of time gave Brooks just enough time to react and jump the pass.

It’s a pretty lousy pass, but the Jets did have solid coverage around. The only thing is Brooks did stop covering for a second. Had Cutler seen his man open and had a chance to throw, there was a tiny window for that pass. Luckily, that window was closed shut when the pass did come out. Credit to Brooks as well for his monster game.

Come Week 17 it will be interesting to see how we view this game. Was it a fluke in a long terrible season? Was it the start of the young guns getting a grip and building a place for 2017? Or one of a few wins on a team with more questions than answers.