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Matt Forte Talks About the Jets’ Response to Trump’s Comments, His Injury, Fantasy Football, and More

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Today on our podcast, we have Matt Forte as a guest.

Matt was doing a promotional tour yesterday to talk about a new partnership between Comcast and CBS Sports. The CBS Fantasy Football Experience allows Xfinity X1 customers to follow the progress of their team in a CBS Sports fantasy league directly on their TV.

Matt and I touched on many topics in our interview, including how the Jets responded to the President’s comments from the weekend. Obviously, this is not a site that likes to wade into current events, but this is one of the biggest news stories in the country right now for obvious reasons. I don’t think anybody cares about my opinions on the matter, but when the opportunity presents itself to get the perspective of a player, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I ignored it.

John B: Can you talk to us a little bit about how the team decided to respond to the President’s comments a few days ago?

Matt Forte: As a team, we decided to talk about it before the game on Saturday night, and we all came to the same consensus that as a team we should lock arms and show unity because of the divisiveness and divisive speech that has been going on so much throughout the country. We didn’t want to provide any more divisiveness. We figured that if we locked arms and stayed there, it shows more unity. Our locker room is a melting pot just as the United States of America is. It shows that if we can be united in the locker room, white players, black players, and players from every different race...if we can all unite ourselves together for one common goal, I think America can do the same thing.

That is probably the segment of the interview that will draw the most attention, but Matt and I discussed many topics in our short discussion, including his injury status, his thoughts on Elijah McGuire, and his free agency last year.