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Todd Bowles DID Make a Lineup Change: Jets Defensive Snap Totals vs. Dolphins

New York Jets v Oakland Raiders Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

To the consternation of many, Jets head coach Todd Bowles indicated he was not making lineup changes on defense in the days leading up to the Week 3 game against the Dolphins.

On if he is considering any defensive lineup changes…


On why he is not considering any defensive lineup changes…

Because I have my starters.

As it turns out, Bowles did make a change. Darryl Roberts, who only had 7 defensive snaps in the first two weeks, played 60 on Sunday (95%). Juston Burris, who had over 30 snaps in both of the first two weeks, was limited to nine snaps.

Sometimes coaches don’t show their cards in public. This is just something to keep in mind the next time you are tempted to blow a fuse from something you hear in a press conference from Bowles or any other coach in the NFL.

Full defensive snap totals for the Jets are below.

Name Position Snaps Percent
Davis LB 63 100%
Skrine CB 63 100%
Maye FS 63 100%
Roberts CB 60 95%
Lee LB 54 86%
Adams SS 54 86%
Claiborne CB 53 84%
Williams DE 48 76%
Ealy DE 42 67%
Wilkerson DE 39 62%
Brooks SS 31 49%
Jenkins LB 31 49%
Donahue LB 23 37%
Bass LB 16 25%
Martin LB 14 22%
McLendon NT 12 19%
Stanford LB 9 14%
Burris CB 9 14%
Pennel NT 9 14%