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Jets vs Dolphins Game Day Forecast

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Today, September 24, 2017 the New York Jets will play host to the Miami Dolphins in MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey at 1:00 pm EST. The weather in East Rutherford will be uncomfortable for the fans and downright nasty for the players. It will be sunny, hot and muggy, with game time temperatures in the high 80’s to near 90. Humidity will be uncomfortable for such heat, in the low to mid 50s with a near zero chance of precipitation. With the humidity it will feel more like the low to mid 90s out there. There will be very little breeze to cool things off, with winds out of the north at around 5 mph throughout the game. This is a worst case weather scenario for the Jets, as the Dolphins come north yet get weather more like Miami, weather the Jets are not accustomed to during the regular season. Dehydration, over heating and cramps could be significant problems in this game. Hydration will be important for players and fans alike.

For those watching the game at home, temperatures will be steady around 70, no sun will be visible, with no non-anthropogenic wind and a zero percent chance of precipitation, but a high probability of despair.

Enjoy the game everybody.