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What they got wrong about the Jets

NFL: New York Jets at Buffalo Bills Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Every Wednesday this season every SB Nation NFL site is asked one question about their team. Today’s question is, “What do they get wrong about your team?”

What perception about this team is wrong? It left me thinking because through two weeks things look the way most people were expecting. This looks like it is going to be a very long season for the Jets.

After some examination, I did find a bit of a misconception about the way the Jets have built their roster. I must warn you that it is not a positive one.

Over the offseason, the Jets shedded veteran after veteran. After so many old big name players left, it created a perception that the Jets had become a young team. When you are bad, the idea that you are rebuilding and focused on youth tends to set in.

That isn’t really the case, though, at least on offense. If you look at the Jets’ snap totals from Sunday’s loss to Oakland, something jumps out. Robby Anderson was the only offensive player under 25 years old to play more than a quarter of the snaps. The Jets actually had more players over 30 (Josh McCown and Matt Forte) get extensive playing time on offense than players under 25.

The Jets certainly haven’t been good on offense. Their 4.4 yard average per play puts them 27th, but they also haven’t been using these snaps to develop many younger players either.