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Jets Statistical Checkup: Week 2

How are the Jets looking on the stat sheet?

New York Jets v Oakland Raiders
There will be plenty more of this directed towards the Jets and their faithful this season
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

With two games in the books, teams are beginning to show a bit of who they are through the numbers. Let’s look at where the Jets are stacking up right now.


Yards/Game: 242.5 (30th)

Passing Yards/Game: 160.5 (28th)

Rushing Yards/Game: 82.0 (21st)

Points/Game: 16.0 (22nd)

Net Passing Yards per Attempt (adjusts for sacks): 4.7 (29th)

Rushing Yards per Attempt: 4.1 (10th)

3rd Down Conversions: 42.3% (12th)


Yards/Game: 409.0 (30th)

Passing Yards/Game: 224.0 (18th)

Rushing Yards/Game: 185.0 (32nd)

Points/Game: 33.0 (32nd)

Net Passing Yards per Attempt: 7.7 (27th)

Rushing Yards per Attempt: 5.4 (30th)

3rd Down Conversions: 55.2% (31st)


FG%: 100% (T-1st, 21 teams)

XP%: 100% (T-1st, 24 teams)

Net Punting Average: 40.9 (21st)

Punts Inside the 20: 4 (10th)

Kick Return Average: 23.0 (10th)

Punt Return Average: 7.6 (16th)

Punt Return Average Allowed: 9.6 (23rd)

Kick Return Average Allowed: 23.3 (23rd)

Football Outsiders DVOA Ranking: 19th


Giveaways: 4 (23rd)

Takeaways: 1 (23rd)

TO Differential: -3 (27th)

Penalties: 15 (20th)

Wins: 0

Not that it’s surprising, but this is an ugly sight. The Jets are well below average in most important categories. For the first time in a while, it seems like the Jets are exactly who most thought they would be.