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How Are Jets Youngsters Performing?

New York Jets v Oakland Raiders Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

On some level, the success of a season in the NFL is always about wins and losses. As we know, however, wins are going to be difficult to come by for the 2017 Jets. This season is unlikely to be successful.

There still might be some positives to come from it if the Jets can develop some young talent. This season is really about getting to 2018 and beyond. If the team can produce some young contributors capable of helping in the future, there could at least be something positive to take away from an otherwise lost season.

Joining me today on our podcast is our new friend GangGreeninYonkers to discuss the way some of the young players have looked. There are certainly negatives, but there are some positives believe it or not. We will talk about both.

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