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Darron Lee and Demario Davis Never Leave the Field: Jets Defensive Snap Totals vs. Raiders

Sunday was not a good day for the Jets middle linebacker duo. Darron Lee and Demario Davis had a second straight rough game to start 2016.

The Jets sure gave them opportunities, though. Davis and Lee were among the Jets defenders who played 100% of the snaps from scrimmage on that side of the ball. Jamal Adams, Marcus Maye, and Morris Claiborne joined them, but Davis and Lee were front and center for an ugly defensive effort that involved a pair of 40+ yard touchdown runs in the second half.

Something is eventually going to have to give. The Jets cannot keep running out linebackers who are performing so poorly. These types of performances get players benched. The benchings didn't happen Week 2, though. Davis and Lee never came off the field.

Player Position Snaps Percent
Davis LB 57 100%
Adams SS 57 100%
Maye FS 57 100%
Lee LB 57 100%
Claiborne CB 57 100%
Skrine CB 55 96%
Wilkerson DE 48 84%
Williams DE 41 72%
Ealy DE 35 61%
Jenkins LB 34 60%
Burris CB 31 54%
Martin LB 23 40%
McLendon NT 17 30%
Thomas DE 15 26%
Pennel NT 15 26%
Bishop LB 12 21%
Donahue LB 10 18%
Roberts CB 6 11%