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Jeremy Kerley’s Snaps Come at ArDarius Stewart’s Expense: Jets Offensive Snap Totals vs. Raiders

Jeremy Kerley made his return to the Jets yesterday. He participated in 44 offensive snaps, which equated to 79% of the total offensive plays for the Jets.

After playing 38 snaps in Week 1, rookie ArDarius Stewart saw his playing time drop to 8 snaps on offense.

It is pretty clear that Kerley took Stewart’s spot in the lineup in Week 2. That does a lot to explain why many viewed Kerley as an odd signing at the time.

The Jets are supposed to be a rebuilding team developing young players. Yet a 28 year old who has never cracked 900 yards in a season is getting snaps at the expense of a 23 year old rookie. This is happening all over the offense, which isn’t very young on the whole despite all of this rebuilding talk.

It would be one thing if Kerley was a productive player, but the Jets benched a young guy to get a whopping 14 receiving yards from Kerley yesterday.

Full offensive snap totals from yesterday are below.

Name Position Snaps Percent
Carpenter G 56 100%
Shell T 56 100%
Beachum T 56 100%
Johnson C 56 100%
McCown QB 56 100%
Kearse WR 49 88%
Dozier G 45 80%
Kerley WR 44 79%
Anderson WR 43 77%
Tye TE 42 75%
Forte RB 27 48%
Powell RB 18 32%
Winters G 14 25%
Peake WR 11 20%
McGuire RB 11 20%
Qvale T 10 18%
Stewart WR 8 14%
Sterling TE 7 12%
Ijalana T 5 9%
Hansen WR 2 4%