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Jets vs. Raiders Game Thread

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets are back in action today. It is a trip to the West Coast to rekindle an ancient rivalry with the Oakland Raiders. Back in the AFL days, this was one of the most bitter rivalries around, and these teams played a number of big games against each other. With the Raiders move to Las Vegas coming in a few years, this could be the Jets' last trip to Oakland.

It will take a surprise for this trip to be memorable for good reasons. Many observers think this Raiders team has a legitimate chance to make noise in the AFC this season. Under normal circumstances, a trip to the West Coast is tricky. With the Jets in their current state, it might be a surprise if this is still a competitive game at halftime.

Leave your thoughts below. As always, we ask that you neither ask for nor provide links to illegal broadcasts of the game over the internet.