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NY Jets: Coming And Goings

New York Jets v Detroit Lions Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

The New York Jets made some adjustments to their roster over the last several days. The Jets reached injury settlements with outside linebacker Corey Lemonier and wide receiver/returner Lucky Whitehead for the purpose of releasing both of them from the injured reserve list, making them free agents. The Jets also released defensive lineman Claude Pelon, and are expected to promote outside linebacker Freddie Bishop from the practice squad to replace Pelon on the 53 man roster.

In other news Ian Rapaport of NFL Media reported that two teams asked the Jets about trading for Bryce Petty this summer, but the Jets were not interested in trading Petty. If true this would be a somewhat surprising development, as Petty has seemingly not shown enough to be worth trading for. If true this rumor says that at least three teams think more highly of Petty as a quarterback than many, including this Jets fan, believed: the two teams inquiring about Petty, and the New York Jets, who refused to trade him.

The refusal to trade Petty is interesting on several levels. First, it may speak volumes about what the Jets really think of Christian Hackenberg. If the Jets thought Hackenberg was close to being a viable backup and eventual starter at quarterback it is difficult to understand why the Jets would not be interested in flipping Petty for a draft pick, assuming that is what was offered. Third string quarterbacks aren’t even carried by some teams; the chance to obtain something in exchange for one would seem a desirable outcome for the Jets. In the unlikely event a third quarterback was actually needed for extensive playing time, it would not be difficult to sign one off another team’s practice squad. In a lost season what would it matter if the practice squad quarterback might not be quite as good as Petty?

Of course the offers may have been players instead, in which case the players offered simply may not have interested the Jets.

Another possibility is that, despite the seeming disparate treatment for Petty this summer, the Jets actually are somewhat high on him as a prospect. If they believe he still has potential to perhaps become a good backup or even a starter in the NFL that would explain the reluctance to trade him.

In any event, if the rumors are true it seems multiple teams want Bryce Petty on their team. That in itself is at least a bit encouraging in a year when Jets fans are grateful for any positive reports about their team.