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Jets Special Teams Practiced at Baseball Stadium to Prepare for Oakland

NFL: New York Jets at New York Giants Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

There used to be many stadiums shared between NFL and MLB teams. Decades ago, these multipurpose stadiums were popular in part because it was cheaper to build one stadium for two teams than two stadiums for two teams.

In this day and age, stadiums tend to be baseball specific or football specific. Professional teams want private palaces. The Oakland Coliseum is a throwback in that it still hosts a pro baseball team and a pro football team. That means at this point in the football season, players still have to play on the infield dirt from baseball.

It can create unusual situations, particularly in the kicking game. Specialists are not used to snapping, holding, and kicking off dirt.

With that in mind, the Jets sent their specialists to a baseball field this week to prepare for Oakland special teams coach Brant Boyer revealed today.

With the Raiders moving to Las Vegas in a few years, this might be the last time the Jets have to prepare for the dirt.