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Lorenzo Mauldin Likely Out for the Year

News today indicates Jets edge rusher Lorenzo Mauldin is likely finished for the season and will need back surgery. Mauldin had been placed on injured reserve after the preseason, but the roster maneuvering the Jets made left hope he could be activated at some point this year. Those hopes are apparently gone.

Mauldin has not developed the way the Jets have hoped he would. He was unable to claim a full-time role a year ago, and this injury puts him even further back. At this point, it would be a major surprise if he is able to earn a second contract.

Mauldin's status leaves Mike Maccagnan's 2015 Draft class looking less than stellar. Leonard Williams was a major hit, but there is little after that. Devin Smith and Mauldin are on injured reserve. Bryce Petty is buried on the bench, and Jarvis Harrison and Deon Simon aren't on the roster.