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Marcus Maye and Jamal Adams Play Almost the Full Game: Jets Defensive Snap Totals vs. Bills

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

As was expected, the rookie safeties for the Jets seldom came off the field on Sunday. Marcus Maye played all 77 defensive snaps in his NFL debut while Jamal Adams was in for 75 of the 77 snaps.

On the other end, rookie edge guy Dylan Donahue only played 7 snaps. This is not necessarily a huge surprise. Rookie fifth rounders rarely are big contributors on a day one. It is only worth noting because of the extensive first team reps he got in the offseason program and training camp. Of course, sometimes coaches do that just to test the player and get him experience.

Player Position Snaps Percent
Maye DB 77 100%
Davis LB 77 100%
Adams DB 75 97%
Claiborne CB 75 97%
Skrine CB 74 96%
Williams DE 69 90%
Wilkerson DE 68 88%
Lee LB 63 82%
McLendon NT 47 61%
Ealy DE 43 56%
Jenkins LB 42 55%
Martin LB 38 49%
Burris CB 30 39%
Pennel DT 19 25%
Pelon DE 17 22%
Stanford LB 15 19%
Brooks SS 9 12%
Donahue LB 7 9%
Roberts CB 1 1%