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Sheldon Richardson Traded To Seahawks, Jets Receive Jermaine Kearse, 2nd Round Pick, and Swap 7ths

Seattle Seahawks v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

According to multiple sources the New York Jets are trading defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson to the Seattle Seahawks and their 2018 7th round selection in exchange for wide receiver Jermaine Kearse the Seahawks’ 2018 2nd round selection and the Seahawks’ 2018 7th round selection.

The NFL talent exchanged looks to be a lopsided trade. Richardson is a Pro Bowl defensive lineman. Kearse is a decent third or fourth wide receiver. However, if preliminary reports are accurate and the Jets are receiving the Seahawks’ 2018 2nd round pick, this appears to be as good an outcome as the Jets could have hoped for in a Richardson trade.

Talent was not the only consideration here. Richardson has been a headache off the field and has shown maturity issues throughout his Jets tenure. The Jets were looking at losing him in free agency next year for no compensation, as any compensatory pick would likely be offset by the coming 2018 Jets spending spree. To get a 2nd round pick this late in the game looks like a feather in GM Mike Maccagnan’s cap.

If there are further developments in this story we will edit this story as such developments become known.