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Jets vs. Eagles: Four Losers for the Jets

New York Jets v New York Giants Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Who didn’t fare so well in the fourth and final preseason game for the Jets? Here are few.

Marcus Murphy: It wasn’t a stellar evening for the back who netted only 13 yards on 9 carries and had a critical fumble in the fourth quarter. Even though he was primarily competing for a return spot, questions about ball security are not good for a fringe roster player whether on offense or special teams.

Claude Pelon: He looks good in the box score with 5 tackles, but my hunch is the film review will show a less effective performance. It felt like the Eagles were getting a consistent push on Pelon early.

Darryl Roberts: This is another one that might not show up in the box score. I thought the Eagles left at least three completions on the field where Roberts was beaten.

Jahad Thomas: The return jobs are open, but Thomas didn’t capitalize on the chances the Jets gave him. His long kickoff return was 21 yards, and his long punt return was 2 yards.